I admit it, I play sims.  But I don’t just do it to waste hours of my time (which ends up happening anyways), i do it to create.  I’ll go and look up house plans on the internet and see how closely I can recreate them.  With the third installment, it’s much easier because you can customize just about everything and anything!  Anywhere from the texture of the wood grain on a window to the colour of a small patch of fur on a dog.  Some people look at the game and think if you spend hours on it, you are wasting your life and while this is sometimes the case, they don’t always see the creativity of it.  It makes me wonder if games like The Sims or Minecraft will go on to inspire people to become architects, if it hasn’t already.  Ever since I was little i enjoyed building houses and designing floor plans when all i had was a notebook and pencil.  Now that I have The Sims, I can indulge myself in seeing my ideas come to life in 3D and colour.  I watch my brother play minecraft and he has built extraordinary things.  So many people look at computers as only a bad things for kids where as I think they can do wonders for opening a child’s creative mind.  Please Note: The above image isn’t mine but borrowed from google because I haven’t taken any pictures of the houses i’ve built.  Also, obsession isn’t always good or bad.

Another tidbit on the creative aspect, the Viewbug photography competition I entered a while back just told my that one of my photos I entered, was ranked in the Top 30 most voted percentile in it’s contest during week 1 of the voting.  I was quite surprised because I didn’t think it was that amazing of a photo.  Then I watched for a little bit and saw that picture’s views jump from 22 to 54 in about twenty minutes.  Needless to say, I was shocked!  If you would like to check it out yourself here’s the link:


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