So i was sitting at starbucks yesterday, waiting for my brother to get off work, and a man who was waiting for his wife sat down next to me.  He saw me drawing in my sketchbook and commented on how his daughter had just finished a two year animation course in vancouver.  Anyways, it turns out it cost her $40,000 for those two years. Nowadays that isn’t bad for a two year program but to any prospective student, it would seem impossible.  I myself am looking into going to school in the fall of 2014 (hopefully) but I’m trying to save up money before that so i don’t have to take out too much, if any, in student loans.  Getting a good education these days is something that parents put a lot of stress on and i feel sorry for kids who feel like they go straight into college or university right after highschool.  The cost for a higher education is a major turn off for so many people (including me) which has a lot to do with the government.  Sure we get alot of it back, but most people don’t realize or see that.  They also may not even be able to afford a good education even with student loans.  Then even if you do get a good education, there is no gaurantee you’re going to get a job to go with it afterwards.  That’s where so many people get stuck.  The’ve paid thousands of dollars for school and in the end are stuck working one or two minimum wage jobs to pay rent and just possibly their student loans, and those loans are a killer once you are out of school what with thelr interest rates and everything.  I was looking up top universities like Yale and Harvard the other day and saw that their tuition is about $40,000 per year, per year!!  Now this just seems rediculous!  Now I understand that it’s a really good school but seriously?! It would probably be cheaper to move to another country and get the same education there even if the teachers aren’t necessarily as good.  There are lots of passions that I would like to pursue in school, but i simply just can’t afford it.  To take two two-year programs and a 15 week class, i’m looking at about $79,500.  I’ve never seen that much money before and so it just blows my mind.  And this is coming from someone who’s middle class.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for someone less fortunate to be able to have that much money.  It’s sad when you see kids who’s parent pay for their college or university and all they do it party.  They don’t realize how much work actually goes into paying for their education.  I’m glad really though that my parents are making me pay my own way.  It makes me learn responsibility, especially when it comes to money management.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if parents help their kids out, i’m just saying that they shouldn’t necessarily make them dependent.  The birds have to leave the nest sometime.  All in all, I think school should be less expensive so that everyone can have the chance to explore their passions and get a better education.


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