So I found today’s Daily Prompt rather ironic and almost laughed aloud. The thing is, I’ve been procrastinating writing on my blog.  Not because I don’t want to but because I want to write something meaningful that people might find interesting, rather then maybe telling them about how my day went.  I found yesterday’s prompt fascinating and so I started to write, but I got about a paragraph in and then it felt like I was just forcing the words out.  There was no pleasure or creativity in the post that I just had to stop myself.  Writing it also just made me feel frustrated and unsatisfied.

Another thing I’ve procrastinated doing is my exercises.  Because I had knee surgery just in the end of last June I’m supposed to do exercises every day to get my full range of motion and strength back.   It started out well, until I lost my Thera Band (stretchy exercise band).  I tried looking for it but to no avail and then it just turned into an excuse not to exercise.  Yes there were some of the movements I didn’t need it for and so I did those but after a while even that stopped.  I’m sure I could have used something else but the truth is that I didn’t really want to do my exercises; they were tedious and felt like they took forever.  Though I’m sure if I timed myself, they would probably only add up to about 15 minutes of work.

So I procrastinated from my exercises and when I went to see my physiotherapist on Friday after work he told me that I was fairly behind, at least in the bending part of recovery.  He asked me if I’d kept up with the exercises and I told him I’d been slacking lately.  He didn’t look too happy and said told me that I really only have 2 more weeks to get my range of motion back before it would get increasingly harder to fix.  He also mentioned that those who do their exercises everyday are the ones that heal the fastest.  Now this shocked me a little.  I hadn’t really realized I had been procrastinating that much these past few weeks until he mentioned how much time I had left.  I love sports, so you can see how this might be a problem if I don’t get my full range of motion back.   I also mentioned that I’d lost my Thera Band and at the end of the session he gave me a new one free of charge.  Sadly when I got home later, I found my old one without even having to look for it.  So now, I’m really going to focus on doing my exercises and getting better. (I paused here to actually do them today)

It actually took me 30 minutes to get them all done but really, what’s 30 minutes of everyday dedicated to exercises compared to a lifetime of frustration because you don’t have your full range of motion.  What I’m trying to say, is don’t procrastinate.  You can’t always imagine the consequences at the time but later in life you’ll look back and think “Oh if only I hadn’t procrastinated on [blank], then I could be doing [blank].” or so on.  Your life will be filled with ‘if onlys’.  There are already so many things I wish I hadn’t procrastinated on and I’m only 18.  Whenever I think back on them I start to feel depressed and if I continue to procrastinate at the same rate I am now, by the time I’m 40 my life will be miserable.  I’m starting to see this now and though it will be a hard habit to break, it will be well worth it.  Don’t make your life full of regrets because you didn’t “feel” like taking the effort to do something at the time.